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During the 1930s and 1940s (with a pause in 1941-1945) of the last century under orders of Committee of petroleum industry at the State Planning Committee of the USSR Kharkov electromechanical plant was producing electrical drills. Technical and technological documentation was developed by special electric drills design bureau. In 1948 two down-hole motors “Reda” were brought to Kharkov electromechanical plant. Complex electric tests were carried out and all characteristics were measured. From that moment on the basis of Kharkov electromechanical plant active works on technical documentation development and down-hole motor tests for electric submersible pumps for oil lifting had been started.
In Kharkov in 1963 on a resolution of the Council of Ministers of USSR #170 dated February, 13th , 1963 special submersible electrical equipment design and technological bureau “Potential” for borehole drilling and production of oil was formed for development of equipment satisfying requirements of thriving oil and gas industry of Western Siberia, the Volga region and Ukraine.
In Kharkov in 1966 on a resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of the USSR № 1100-365 dated December 23, 1965 was constructed drilling testbed for research works on electro drilling and engineering premises where SKTBPE has taken place . Since 1978 in accordance with МЭТП orders № 346 dated July 26, 1978 and № 459 dated September, 28 1978 SKTBPE has been renamed into Special design and technological bureau for submersible electrical equipment for borehole drilling and production of oil. It was subordinated to All-Union research-and-production association (URPA) "Potential".
On an order of Machine building industry Ministry of Ukraine № 89 dated January 27th, 1994 on the basis of SKTBPE "Potential" has been created Kharkov open joint-stock company SKTBPE "Potential" (JSC SKTBPE "Potential") and registered under the order of the Frunze region Executive Committee № 137 dated February 21st 1994.
The competence and experience of employees of the enterprise, implementation of the latest innovations in digital and microprocessor equipment, complex application of electronic and mechanical systems allows to tackle issues related to total machine control and regulation and provide a wide range of consumer oriented functional equipment.


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During the second half of the 20th century SKTBPE was developing:

  • Electric drilling equipment complexes intended for drilling of oil and gas wells;
  • Down-hole electric equipment for submersible centrifugal pumps for oil lifting under various climate and operational conditions control stations and complete devices for UECN regulation and control ;
  • Telemetric systems for conducting of vertical, leaning position-directed and horizontally branched out wells in drilling;
  • Heavy impulse equipment, implementation of which allows to replace drill and fire method of geological exploration of oil and gas;
  • Progressive technology and non-standard technological equipment for electric drills, down-hole and impulse equipment manufacturing.


Now the basic directions of the work of the company are:

  • Project engineering and production of complex devices for automatic control and protection of electric centrifugal pumps for oil and water production;
  • automatic mode natural and starting gas heat controllers for the purpose of temperature maintenance in the set limits in gas highways, and also for informational and command maintenance with the highest level;
  • multiple parameter, multipurpose registering devices for indicating of electric energy quality parameters;
  • Boiler controllers, which provide automatic performance of technical (technological) operations at start-up, at regulation of loading and at a stop of a boiler;
  • Special tools and equipment for audit, for mid-level and capital repairs of the delivered equipment.