Digital automatic control and protection devices for gas industry


are intended for the use as a part of pipelines and compressor and pumping stations

  • Modular multifunctional digital gas heating control units UPGM1- 01, UPGM2-01
  • Heating control digital units BUPGU1-01, BUPGU2-01
  • TP GRS and GRP automatic control systems (ACS)
  • Reklam

Modular multifunctional digital gas heating control units UPGM1- 01, UPGM2-01

Modular multifunctional digital gas heating control units UPGM 1- 01, UPGM 2-01 Are designed to protect and control natural and start gas heaters in automatic mode in order to maintain the set temperature of the gas by turning off or on gas supply electro valve (relay mode) or by electric drive control of the fuel gas delivery valve (continuous wave mode). Also, these devices allow you to create heaters integrated control systems. UPGM can be also used in the heating optimization of high blocks. UPGM are used in natural and start gas heaters, household boilers and small boilers, boilers with gas generators and wood drying chambers operation.  These units are explosion-proof. Explosion security method is spark proof electric power line.  Legal protection is provided by utility model patents in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation.
   Device functions:
• Heater control in automatic mode;
• protective switching-out of gas heater burner;
• heated gas and intermediate heat carrier temperature display;
• required operational settings entry;
• continuous monitoring of sensor.   
UPGM modular structure allows you to build boiler ACS of any complexity.
  MCPI -  central processor display module
MKT - temperature control module
MKP - flame control module
MKS – resistance control module
MKD - digital input control module
MUN - loads control module
MP - Power Module
MR - backup power module

Technical characteristics




Permissible line frequency range (50 ± 1 %) Hz, V

154 ... 286

AC power consumption, not more than


Remote signals switching current

2 (switching at + 24V)
0.2 (switching at 220 V)

Overall dimensions
(width, length, height), mm, not more than

360 ´ 160 ´ 825

Weight, kg, max



Ability to connect alternative power source (battery)



Backup power source voltage, V



Power consumption, W




Modular multifunctional digital gas heating control units UPGM1-01 rus (pdf)

Modular multifunctional digital gas heating control units UPGM2-01 rus (pdf)

Modular structure rus (pdf)

Heating control digital units BUPGU1-01, BUPGU2-01

Heating control digital units BUPGU1-01, BUPGU 2-01Are designed to protect and control natural and starting gas heaters in automatic mode to maintain the set temperature of the gas by turning off/on gas supply electrovalve.
Devices are used in the different types of gas heaters, liquid-cooled, used against the formation of hydrates in gas distribution systems, control points and stations, as well as in other gas consuming devices.
Device is designed for continuous operation.
Currently devices BUPGU1-01 and BUPGU2-01 are out of production and replaced with the new ones advanced devices UPGM1-01 and UPGM2-01.
We provide full technical assistance and servicing of BUPGU1-01 and BUPGU2-01.


Heating control digital units BUPGU1-01 rus (pdf)

Heating control digital units BUPGU2-01 rus (pdf)

TP GRS and GRP automatic control systems (ACS)

Use of UPGM for their modular design allows you to create TP GRS and GRP automatic control systems, as well as ACS for automated industrial and domestic projects of any complexity.:
- Autonomous heating supply systems;
- Intra-heating units of central heating systems;
- Industrial and domestic boilers:
- Gas burners of various types.
Control systems construction could be based on existing equipment, as well as using the new electronic equipment designed by our company.

Dear visitors, our potential customers!

We offer you a range of automation services boilers with boilers of any type in any number of burners on the basis of modular controllers UPGM various types. In particular, the device UPGM3-03-17 is used to control the boiler with three burners, control of the heating process, maintain the set temperature of the water, safety boiler burners, flue system. The device is safe, easy to use, it does not require the services of specialized skills and the staff made the boiler room who have been short briefing.
The modular design UPGM we can develop any of the control unit specifically for your requirements on a specific number for a specific task:
- Inputs: discrete signals flame detection electrodes (ionization sensors), analog sensors (4-20mA, 0-20mA, etc.), analog RTD SCI and TSP (50 and 100 W);
- Output (relay);
- Local lights and buttons;
- Mimics processes based on VGA-monitors;
- RS-485 ports and wireless interface for local and remote scheduling.

Possible arrangement of modules in a cabinet with the necessary customer designs and sizes.

For any boiler units provide:
- Overall management of the boiler, including equipment flue gas and air (exhaust fans, blowers, gate valves, etc.). with automatic by maintaining the required parameters (vacuum, pressure, temperature, etc.);
- Dependent and independent control of burners for a given algorithm, manual or automatic ignition (start) pilot and main burners, burner translation and running, off the burner;
- Automatic maintenance of temperature heated water or smooth positional control by changing the power burners by maintaining gas / air ratio independently at each burner stop technology (hot standby) and automatic output (start) of the shutdown process;
- Control security settings, including the soundness test (pressure test) before starting the burner valves and control "apparent flame", adjustable locking ignition pilot burners with a state of "apparent flame" burners off guard, emergency stop burner and boiler sensor signals with memory reason to stop;
- On-screen display ICPS temperature values, settings and parameters, sensors and state of menu items;
- Self-control and self-test device performance, integrity, communication lines with sensors, the ability to connect different types of sensors;
- The possibility of an independent manual control start, stop and power of each of the burners (in manual mode);
- Flame control with display pilot and main burners in each channel;
- External control over the communication lines, external control via RS-485 or a group of devices;
- Event Logging latching starts and stops, emergency stops, changes of parameters.


Review Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Thermal networks Belgorod region" on the boiler controllers UCC-02 and controls the gas heater unit multi UPGM3-03-17 as a result of commercial operation on the basis of the boiler house in the village of Maisky, the Belgorod region.


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