Thermal and boiler automatics devices


Thermal and boiler automatics devices are intended for controlling, regulating and boiler systems protecting.

  • Boiler Operation Controllers KUK-03

Any capacity boiler's autocontrol (Boiler Operation Controllers KUK-03)

Any capacity boiler's autocontrol (Boiler Operation Controllers KUK-01)Boiler operation controller KUK-03 is intended for general boiler burner operating, heating process regulation, fixed water temperature controlling, boiler and burner, smoke fumes withdrawal system protection.

 Device functions:
• burner automatics operation on the specified algorithm 
• automatic temperature control of heating water;
• blocking boiler start-up in case of emergency stop
• protective burner shut-off
• emergency stop with failure cause storing by pick-off signals
• displaying the values of temperatures, settings and operation factors, condition of pickoffs and controller menu items on the controller’s character display device
• self-diagnostics of operability and controller self-testing,  continuity testing of pickoffs communication lines
• incidents journaling



Power frequency of voltage marginvoltage-margin (50 ± 1 %) Hz, V

from  154 to 286 V

Input current, no less than, А:


Related voltage of digital inputs' logic state "1"

220 V, 50 Hz

Rated current and relay contact voltage

5 А, 250 V

Overall dimensions  (height/ length/width), mm, no less than


Weight, kg, no less than



Currently devices boiler operation controller KUK-01,KUK-02 are laid off and replaced by the new ones, upgraded devices boiler operation controller KUK-03 . 
Full technical support and service of controllers KUK-01, KUK-02 which are in operation is conducted.



Review Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Thermal networks Belgorod region" on the boiler controllers UCC-02 and controls the gas heater unit multi UPGM3-03-17 as a result of commercial operation on the basis of the boiler house in the village of Maisky, the Belgorod region.


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