Control and measuring equipment for electric power industry


for installation and control of power supply line and protection of consuming circuit and inclusion of these devices into control systems

  • The frequency converter PChS75
  • Power consumption limiting device UOEE-01
  • Analyzer and recorder of power quality parameters (multi-parameter multi-function device “Potential-REX”)

The frequency converter PChS75

The frequency converter PChS75 is intended to change the rotation speed of three-phase AC induction motors and performance management of electrical submersible motor units.   


The frequency converter PCHS75 rus (pdf)

Power consumption limiting device UOEE-01

Power consumption limiting device UOEE-01Power consumption limiting device  UOEE-01 is designed to limit power consumption in the absence of advance payments. UOEE-01 is supplied with one kW • h prepaid.



Power consumption limiting device UOEE-01 rus (pdf)


Analyzer and recorder of power quality parameters (multi-parameter multi-function device “Potential-REX”)

Analyzer and recorder of power quality parameters (multi-parameter multi-function device “Potential-REX”)Multi-parameter multi-function device “Potential-REX” is used to create global systems for management, control and analysis of the energy production conditions of any level in order to save energy and to control power system from a single center. It provides impossibility of unauthorized access.
The device records to the nonvolatile memory the current settings of 3-phase electric power line. Based on these data the analysis is carried out, according to algorithm, given by the consumer, the control signal to actuating devices is generated that can adjust the quality of electric energy, or in case of emergency can give a shutdown command. The device is intended for use on sites of energy consumption and conservation, and focused on the connection to the standard instrument transformers used in powerindustry.
Device functions
• measurement of electrical current and voltage parameters;
• oscilligraphy of voltage and current form during emergency situations in the device memory;
• recording of EE quality index (according to GOST 13109-97);
• data exchange with the module analog input and digital input/output;
• data exchange with external devices via interfaces RS485, RS-232, IRDA and Ethernet;
• transfer of accumulated data with a standard FLASH drive via USB;
• implementation of algorithms for relay protection
With direct connection to the REX-01 network allows you to measure and to record;
• AC voltage ranges from 0 to 500V (effective value);

Technical characteristics



AC source voltage, V

from 60 to 286

DC source voltage, V

from 80 to 400

Power consumption, W

Less than 10

MAX power consumption, W


Supply voltage range

 ~220 V ( +30% - 70%).

Overall dimensions, max, mm  


Recorder is powered by AC or DC source.

Operating conditions

  • Relative humidity 80% at a temperature of 20 °C.
  • The ambient temperature from minus 60 °C to plus 40 °C.
  • Height above sea level up to 1000 m.
  • Design - IP43.
  • The environment should be non-explosive, containing no corrosive gases and vapors at concentrations that destroy metals and insulation, not saturated with conductive dust and water vapor (type II atmosphere).
  • Recorder is designed for continuous operation.


Analyzer and recorder of power quality parameters (multi-parameter multi-function device “Potential-REX”) rus (pdf)




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