Street lighting control system (load switch-board timer TKN-01)

Street lighting control system (load switch-board timer TKN-01)Automatic load control is performed according to a schedule made individually for a specific region, taking into account local specific conditions and other factors. It allows you to create a public lighting technological subjects control system. Timer is designed to switch on/off lighting billboards, light boxes and illuminated letters, illumination of buildings facades, landmarks and monuments. 

 Device functions: 
• On - Off load switching at a specified time (up to 15 on / off cycles per day); 
• On - Off street lighting switching based on time of the day, day of week, time of the year and other factors; 
• lighting billboards, light boxes and signage switching On - Off control  . 
• switching On/Off Control of buildings facades illumination, landmarks and monuments.

Technical characteristics



Supply voltage, V

~ 220 V ± 30%

Power consumption, max, W


Switching current, max

15 А

Switching voltage, max

~ 260 В

Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, g


Protection degree

IP 20


Street lighting control system (load switch-board timer TKN-01) rus (pdf)

AC Voltage stabilizers

  AC Voltage stabilizers Stabilizer is designed to supply AC voltage of 220 V to single-phase receivers in low-quality external power supply network, for the use in premises with artificially adjustable climate conditions in continuous operation. AC voltage stabilizers are available in several configurations - voltage AC stabilizer 7 kW, 10 kW, 22 kW. 

 Device functions: 
• Consumer shutoff protection at an input voltage increase up to 315 V and more; 
• Protection against short circuit failure and output long-term overload; 
• emergency "transit" mode; 
• Consumer protection against overvoltage in the "transit" mode in the voltage range 247 - 257 V; 
• autotransformer thermal protection in the range of 95 - 105 ° C. 
• rated (4.5 - 7.5 seconds) consumers switch-off at a short-term mains collapse (eliminates damage to consumers' power supplies) 

Technical characteristics



Input voltage range

152 - 286

Output power, kW
 а) max
b) at the lower range value of input voltage


Rated output voltage, V


Output voltage deviation, max, %


shutoff protection at an input voltage increase up to, V


Circuit breaker trip current, A


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



AC Voltage stabilizers rus (pdf)

Intelligent thermostat for industrial and domestic refrigeration equipment

Intelligent thermostat for industrial and domestic refrigeration equipmentThe device is intended to use in freezer control cabinets, refrigerated counters, monoblocks and other commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. It has the ability to connect an alarm external device. 

 Device functions: 
• set temperature maintenance in the chamber; 
•frost build-up mode; 
• defrost possibility by periodical compressor stopping; 
• Two defrost types: with defrost heater or with hot gas 
• Two ways of counting the defrost intervals: - by time - by compressor running time (Digifrost) 
• completion of defrost when time is up or when reaching the desired temperature or according to both parameters; 
• drain after defrosting time set; 
• connection of an alarm external device; 
• compressor protection against frequent starting-up. 

Technical characteristics



Operating temperature

–40…85 °С

Storage temperature

–40…85 °С

The range of data on the display

 (- 50) - (150 )°С
Digits + sign

Analog inputs

2 inputs:
temperature evaporator sensor
temperature thermostat sensor

Digital outputs

3 relay 
defrost heater relay 8 A, ~250V 
compressor relay 8 A, ~250V, 
propeller relay 6 A, ~ 250V

Measuring range

- 50…+150 °С


0.5% of full scale +1 digit 


1 or 0.1 °С

Power supply

~100 - 260 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption

less than 3 VA

Temperature change time

Not exceeding 3 milliseconds

Speed of response, max

100 microseconds


Intelligent thermostat for industrial and domestic refrigeration equipment rus (pdf)

Household universal controller BUK-01

 Household universal controller BUK-01BUK-01 controller is designed to control water boilers in the automatic mode to maintain the water temperature within the set limits by turning on/off the heating element.

 Device functions: 

• set temperature maintenance within prescribed limits (t min-t max) 
• heating elements or fans switch on when the temperature drops below t min 
• heating element failure light and sound alarm (no temperature increase when the heating element is switched on)


Household universal controller BUK-01 rus (pdf)

Household universal controller BUK-03

 Household universal controller BUK-01Designed household universal controller BUK-03.
The controller is designed for management and control of the domestic motor pump unit. His control in the specified mode by turning the motor in the automatic mode, and depending on the state level sensors. BUK-03 allows for a reliable engine protection and use of any desired mode of its operation.

 Device functions: 

  • management and control of the motor pump unit in the modes of "manual", "automatic" (continuous), and "Automatic for the time specified by the program" (timer);
  • feed to the activation and deactivation of the motor pump unit;
  • control parameters and protect the motor;
  • setting the required parameters of the plant on site;
  • automatic maintenance of a given mode of operation of the engine
  • display mode of the engine, emergency situations, settings and parameters, state of the liquid level sensor


Household universal controller BUK-03 rus (pdf)

Current protection module 

Current protection moduleCurrent protection module (MZT-01) is designed for overcurrent protection of electromotors of 80 to 250 W power range with time delay. 

 Device functions: 
• engine current overload protection; 
• engine turn off if current exceeds specified maximum value; 
• Blocking of protection operating: 
• - when engine is starting (for the time set by the setpoint LOCK TIME: START) 
• - when engine is operating (for the time set by the setpoint LOCK TIME: WORK); 
• Indication of reduction and short-term over-current of given value without engine shut down.

Technical characteristics 



Power supply

220 V ± 20%, 50 Hz

Current consumption, max, A


Output voltage , V




Current protection module rus (pdf)

Lightning guard unit TX-100

Used to protect active equipment ports of domestic computer networks from switching overvoltage as a result of lightning storms. 
Lightning guard unit is a box which has integrated printed circuit board with elements and necessarily has to be connected to the ground bus 

 Device functions: 

• Lightning overvoltage protection


Lightning guard unit TX-100 rus (pdf)

Lightning guard unit for RS-485 

Lightning guard unit for RS-485 is designed for protection from surge overvoltage (which appears as a result of thunderstorms) in the industrial interconnections via RS-485. Lightning guard unit is a box which has integrated printed circuit board with elements. The main protection elements are zinc-oxide varistors and gas discharges. If overvoltage occurs variable resistor limits the voltage and further increase in input voltage triggers lightning protector, which abridges communication with the ground for a short time period, thereby preventing the penetration of impulses to the protected device. Lightning protection unit is installed between the communication line and equipment. 
Lightning protection unit must be connected to the ground bus.

 Device functions: 

• Lightning overvoltage Protection
 Technical characteristics



Voltage protection trip

220 V ± 20%, 50 Hz

Inputs capacity, nF, max


capacity between the input (output) and the housing, nF, max



Lightning guard unit for RS-485  rus (pdf)

Microprocessor insulation control unit UKI-S2 (isolation control device UKI-S2) 

Microprocessor insulation control unit UKI-S2 (isolation control device UKI-S2)  Devices UKI-S2 is designed to measure the insulation resistance and alarm when it is reduced to the resistance setting of AC networks with an isolated neutral. 
Its main area of use is electric centrifugal pumps (UECN) installation. 


Device functions: 
• continuous R insulation monitoring; 
• Archiving of the latest R insulation value when it is reduced to or below the set point; 
• definition of setting value in the range of 20 to 500 ohms with a resolution of 5 kOhm; 


Currently devices UKI-S1 are laid off and replaced by the new ones, upgraded devices devices UKI-S2. 
Full technical support and service of  devices UKI-S1, which are in operation is conducted.



Microprocessor insulation control unit UKI-S2 rus (pdf)



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