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See the website of the annual report of the company in pdf format.



During the trial operation UPGM3-03-17During the trial operation UPGM3-03-17 was added to the device module mimics MMS1-01 VGA-monitor in real time on a graphical diagram showing the progress of the process (state of the equipment by a bright, graphical visualization of the terms and conditions of executive bodies, the numerical parameters, text information message).
This demonstrates a real, achievable in practice in a short time the flexibility and extensibility UPGM.


See the opinion of the municipal unitary enterprise "Heat networks of the Belgorod area" on the boiler control COOK-02 and control devices heater gas modular multifunctional УПГМ3-03-17 on the results of the industrial operation on the basis of a boiler house in the village of Maisky, the Belgorod area.






In CBM "Heating networks Belgorod region" began trial operation of the new device management UPGM3-03-17 on the boiler type CVG-4, 65.
устройство управлния упгм3-03 на котле типа КВГ-7,56 МОДУЛЬНОЕ МНОГОФУНКЦИОНАЛЬНОЕ
Device UPGM3-03-17 is used to control the boiler with three burners, control of the heating process, the set temperature of water safety boiler burners, flue system.

UPGM3-03-17 is reliable and easy to use. Service do not require special skills and is boiler employees who have been short briefing. Installation and assembly of the device was made to the specific needs of the company.

устройство кправления подогревателем газа упгм 3-03-17The modular design UPGM3-03-17, we can develop a device specifically for any of your requirements. Possible reconfiguration of the modules in a cabinet with the necessary customer designs and sizes. Possible to extend the device capabilities by introducing additional modules for display of process parameters at different graphic, local and remote scheduling device, including a wireless interface.

The unit provides:

- Control of the boiler (including exhauster and supercharger with automatic by maintaining the necessary vacuum in the furnace of the boiler) and burners for a given algorithm, manual or automatic ignition (start) pilot and main burners in the three channels of control, transfer of burners and running, off burners and Stop the boiler

- Automatic maintenance of temperature heated water or smooth positional control by changing the power burners by maintaining gas / air ratio in each channel independently, process shutdown (hot standby) and automatic output (start) of the shutdown process;

- Control security settings, including the soundness test (pressure test) before starting the burner valves and control "apparent flame", adjustable locking ignition pilot burners with a state of "apparent flame" burners off guard, emergency stop channels and boiler sensor signals with memory reason to stop;

- On-screen display ICPS temperature values, settings and parameters, sensors and state of menu items;

- Self-control and self-test device performance, integrity, communication lines with sensors, the ability to connect different types of sensors;

- The possibility of an independent manual control start, stop and power three burners (in manual mode);

- Flame control with display pilot and main burners in each channel;

- External control for two separate lines, external control via RS-485 or a group of devices;

- Event Logging latching starts and stops, emergency stops, changes of parameters.



For the PJSC " Sumy Frunze NPO" designed and shipped to the customer device management UPGM2-02-19.



Бытовой универсальный контроллер БУК-03Designed household universal controller BUK-03.
The controller is designed for management and control of the domestic motor pump unit. His control in the specified mode by turning the motor in the automatic mode, and depending on the state level sensors. BUK-03 allows for a reliable engine protection and use of any desired mode of its operation.
Supporting documentation and specifications, see the description of the instrument



The development of devices UPGM2-02.



Please see the new energy consumption limitation device UOEE-01



Currently devices BUPGU1-01, BUPGU2-01 are laid off and replaced by the new ones, upgraded devices UPGM1-01, UPGM2-01. 
Full technical support and service of  BUPGU1-01, BUPGU2-01, which are in operation is conducted.



Happy New Year! happy health successes in the new year!



Protection-and-control unit of submersible electric motors БРГ3-05 was discontinued. Instead currently we produce protection-and-control unit БРГ3-07  with enhanced performance and expanded possibilities based on modern element base. All of the equipment including  protection-and-control unit of submersible electric motors БРГ3-05 completely compatible with the new protection-and-control unit БРГ3-07 . Full technical support and service of protection-and-control units of submersible electric motors БРГ3-05 is provided.



Congratulations to visitors on Victory Day! We wish our veterans health and long life!



Product catalogue has been updated. To see it in pdf format please follow the catalog (pdf)



Domestic multipurpose controler BUK-01 intended for domestic automation  system construction has been added to our product catalogue.



We launched operation test of preproduction model KYK-01 steam-shop controller on JSC “Shebekinsky Machine-Building Plant” (Belgorod). The results of the test have been used in further modernization and device improvement.



Domestic multipurpose controler BUK-01 intended for domestic automation  system construction has been added to our product catalogue.



Product planning work has been carried out. 
The main future work streams: 
- Manufacturing of modular multifunctional gas heating control devices UPGM1-01, UPGM2-01for gas distribution stations. 
- Recording device manufacturing for emergency voltage and current oscillography “Potential-REX”
-steam shop controller manufacturing КUК-01, which provides automatic execution of technical operations at start-up, load regulation and boiler stops.
- Manufacturing of a low voltage electrical switchboard such as ShGS 5803-M2 with microprocessor for electric centrifugal pumps control (voltage from 14 to 250 kW), intended for pumping out formation water.
- preproduction models operational tests of ShGS 5803-M2 devices at oil and gas industry enterprises in Ukraine and Russia.
- Manufacturing of the high voltage electrical microcomputer-based switchboard for electric centrifugal pumps control with series engine (power range from 125 to 1000 kW) designed for formation fluid evacuation.



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