Cooperation OJSC "Surgutneftegas"
Cooperation OJSC "Surgutneftegas"Open Joint Stock Company "Surgutneftegas" is one of the top Russian oil companies. Company area includes the exploration, field facilities construction and development of oil and gas fields, production and sales of oil and gas, manufacturing and sales of petroleum products and petrochemicals. Our partnership with JSC "Surgutneftegas" has started since 1985.

Several thousands of complete control stations with submersible electric motors ShGS-5805 M1-5805 M2 ShGS is currently used by "Surgutneftegas". We produce kits for overhaul of submersible motors ShGS-5805control stations. If necessary we organize overhaul staff training.

OJSC "Ukrnafta"
OJSC "Ukrnafta"“Ukrnafta” is oil and gas production and sales company. It sells crude oil and gas condensate, oil and lubricants based on petroleum products, crude oil, fuel and combustible liquids based on petroleum products.
We supply complete transformer substations KTPPN.


OJSC "Machine Building Plant Shebekinsky"

OJSC "Machine Building Plant Shebekinsky" OJSC "Machine Building Plant Shebekinsky" is the leading thermo technical producer.
Together with Shebekinsky machine-building plant we constructed and put into production boiler master controllers.


"Fakel" is one of the top machine-building enterprises in Ukraine"Fakel" is one of the top machine-building enterprises in Ukraine producing equipment for oil and gas industry, chemical industry and petrol stations.
Together with Fastovsky plant we developed and put into operation heaters control units BUPGU and modular multifunctional gas heater controllers UPGM.


PJSC " Sumy Frunze NPO"

ПАО «Сумское НПО им. М.В.Фрунзе»PJSC " Sumy Frunze NPO" , founded in 1896, is now one of the largest machine-building enterprises in Europe manufacturing equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries. Compressors and turbo-compressor units, unique types of chemical facilities, centrifuges, pumps and valves for gas pipelines, oil – refining equipment and gas-filling stations, drill collars and complex gas preparation plants –this is far from being a complete list of products manufactured at the company.

For the PJSC " Sumy Frunze NPO" designed and shipped to the customer device management UPGM2-02-19.

Russian office:


Our office in Russia is located in Belgorod.